Slim Boosting IV Drips

Healthy, safe, efficient.

Forget about the pills, now you can boost your metabolism and burn the fat in the most natural way!


  • Healthy and safe, non-surgical
  • Burn the fat in a natural way within your own body
  • Curbs appetite
  • Increase metabolism
  • Improve immune system and liver health
  • detoxifying, hydrate and restore your body's natural balance
  • Stress relief, improve mood and sleep quality



  • Treatment time is short - burn the unwanted fat and build your lean muscle over a lunch time nap!
  • You may resume normal activities right after the treatment, it does not interfere with study, work or daily activities.
  • Requires intravenous treatments with multiple sessions, each session may be performed differently to reach your unique goals.
  • Our weight control specialists will make a complete assessment regarding YOUR conditions and design your own plan - take the advantage of combo treatments including various equipment and therapies!
  • Our personalized client service team will follow up after each treatment, provides meal plan and diet suggestions to help you achieve your goals easily and quickly.

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